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Ever left an inspiring workshop only to feel like you're missing the practical support to put those great ideas into action? 



Are you an educator who's looking to integrate emotional literacy content into your classroom?

The Embodied Educator Online Portal supports educators in integrating emotional literacy into their work. Access lesson plans, connect with fellow educators, and enhance your classroom environment. Improve student resilience and self-confidence while prioritizing your emotional well-being.


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Access a wealth of themed monthly classroom resources, carefully crafted to enrich your teaching experience. From lesson plans to engaging activities, these resources empower you to create dynamic and effective learning environments.

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 Experience transformative self-study in our monthly self-exploration sessions. Guided by our experts, delve into the monthly theme and discover how it can enhance your personal growth, resilience, and emotional well-being.

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Join our online educators' forum, exclusively for members, and stay connected with other passionate educators. Share insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on innovative approaches to bringing emotional literacy into your classroom.


Empowering the Next Generation for Lifelong Success

While we may not know what the jobs of the future will hold, we do know that the next generation would greatly benefit from developing the ability to skillfully communicate, self-regulate in appropriate ways, voice their needs and boundaries, understand their values and walk with them, and manage ongoing stress. These lifelong skills are essential not only in the workplace, but also within our relationships. Our kids deserve to be equipped with the best tools at their disposal to navigate an ever-changing and complex world.

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  • online monthly Self-Study Hall where we will engage in guided self-exploration on the theme of the month (First Tuesday of every month)
  • monthly Educators' Classes where we discuss how to integrate the theme of the month into your classroom (Third Tuesday of every month)

Monthly LIVE Study Hall Sessions

Live on Zoom first Tuesday of every month until end of June.

Monthly LIVE Educators' Classes

Live on Zoom third Tuesday of every month until end of June.

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    “Embodied educators are attuned to their own needs and the needs of their students. They model a healthy relationship to their emotions and strive to support the personal growth of their students, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves. ”

    Founder of The Emotional Literacy Movement

Hear Directly From My Successful Students

  • Each session in the masterclass brought clarity to understanding my emotions. As our journey continued each week, I felt myself becoming more confident and aware of how my feelings impact my quality of life. The knowledge that I have gained will allow me to take better care of my emotional well-being and help care for those around me.

    Scott VanCassele

    Middle Years Educator

Monthly Themes 2023/2024

Each month we explore a new theme, and work with

Guideposts for Wholehearted Living

According to Dr. Brené Brown, the Wholehearted are those who live their lives from a place of worthiness. They have the courage and compassion to live life heart-open. This month we will explore the Guideposts of Wholehearted Living and how they can be applied in your personal and professional life. 

The Language of the Body

Experts believe that anywhere from 70%-93% of our communication is non-verbal. This month's sessions explore how to read the signals in our own body - as well as those of others - so that we can more accurately attend to the needs that arise. 

From Co-Regulation to Self-Regulation

Healthy self-regulation does not develop as a natural process of aging. Rather, it is taught through ongoing co-regulating experiences with others - particularly our caregivers. Learn how to effectively co-regulate with others.

Hygge: The Science of Comfort

Learn how to increase feelings of comfort, safety, and togetherness.  Based on the research of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Taking Inventory of Your Life

This month we will explore and take inventory of the 9 Pillars of Healthy living based on the work of doctors Alona Pulde & Matthew Lederman. How are these areas of life being balanced day-to-day? What about within your classroom?

The 5 Love Languages

We all express and receive love in different ways. This month, we will learn about the 5 Love Languages based on the work of Dr. Gary Chapman. These insights can help both you and your students to better understand one another's needs and how to best offer support and care.

Cognitive Distortions

Our brains are continually processing information. We all have well-worn pathways of thinking that arise when we are feeling overwhelmed. This month we will learn to identify when you or your students are stuck in one of these ruts and develop the skills to cultivate healthier thinking habits. 

Identifying your Needs

Have you ever taken the time to really sit down to determine what your needs were in a given situation? What about in the scope of your family life? Your career? Your personal care? Identifying your needs and helping your students to do the same is an integral component of self-regulation.

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Overcome people pleasing tendencies and learn to kindly and assertively advocate for yourself. Empower your students to communicate their needs and take initiative with regard to their health and wellbeing.

Tender Self-Compassion

Based on the work of Dr. Kristin Neff, tender self-compassion allows us to provide the self-care that we require in order to navigate challenging emotions, allowing us to get unstuck and move forward with grace.

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Hi, I’m Kris Garner, founder of The Emotional Literacy Movement.

I began my career in the public school system back in 2007 as a middle years teacher. Over the decade that followed, my life changed dramatically as I started my family and tried to balance the needs of my students with my personal needs and my family responsibilities. After experiencing health issues brought on by the effects of chronic stress, I left the public school system and began my journey of recovery.
What I learned along the way was so simple, and yet so deeply impactful. I was astonished that the knowledge and skills I had gained were not more common place in our current institutions of education. Through my research and experience, I learned that emotional wellbeing is the core foundation of learning. If you don't feel safe, you can't learn..period. It is also a core element of healthy relationships, emotional regulation, resiliency, communication skills, self-confidence, self-compassion, physical wellbeing, predictions of levels of happiness in life...the list goes on and on. 

The Emotional Literacy Movement operates throughout Manitoba and is located on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene and Métis people. Our headquarters are located on Treaty 1 territory, the homeland of the Métis Nation.

We dedicate ourselves to move forward with indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration to make Manitoba an inclusive and accessible place for everyone who lives here. Land acknowledgment is only one small part of supporting Indigenous communities.