The Emotional Literacy

Masterclass Series

A 6-Week Transformational Deep Dive into the Science Behind our Emotions

Empower Yourself with the Knowledge of Your Biology and Prepare to Transform Your Life for the Better.

Frustrated and overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster you find yourself on?

Are your feeling chronically tired, overwhelmed, or tense? Do you struggle to stay present and relax?


Do you find yourself feeling irritable and resentful when you want to feel ease and connection?

Join Us on a 6-Week Journey of Uncovering Habitual Patterns, and Connecting the Dots, Through:

  • Knowledge Building

  • Contemplation

  • Self-Discovery

  • Authentic Connection 

  • Embodiment Practices

Prepare for some "AHA" Moments

Learn the anatomy of your emotions and how they have developed as an evolutionary tool to ensure your survival. Explore the impacts of stress and trauma, while you engage in practical exercises and practices to help build your capacity to self-regulate.
This course is a deep dives into the science behind our nervous system responses and how these responses impact our ability to learn, solve problems, and connect with others. 

Your Nervous System 101

Dive into the science behind our nervous system responses and how these responses impact our ability to learn, solve problems, and connect with  our children ,  partners, friends, and colleagues.

Capital E for Emotions!

Explore the anatomy of our emotions and how they have developed as an evolutionary tool to ensure our survival. Helping us to understand the "why" behind our triggers and reactions.

Build Capacity = Resiliency

  With an understanding of our triggers we can recognize what our capacity is in any given moment, allowing us to create boundaries and build resiliency through the challenges we face.

The Pathway of Self-Regulation

Become self empowered through learning tools and practices to help you come back to safety. Discover the pathway of co-regulation as a means of building your capacity to self-regulate 

6-Weeks Together to Connect and Explore

  • Weekly LIVE (online) classes & exercises 
  • Supportive container for group discussion and reflection
  • Structured time for Q+A with Kris each class
  • Private forum to connect with group members and facilitator
  • Readings and journal prompts
  •  Integration exercises to practice alongside the weekly theme

Hi! I’m Kris Garner, founder of The Emotional Literacy Movement

Ever since embarking on my own personal journey of befriending my emotions I have been asking myself. “Why didn’t I learn this stuff earlier in life?” “Where was this information when I was growing up/starting out on my own/navigating intimate relationships/raising a young family/recovering from burnout?” “How can I make this information more accessible?” 

Emotional Literacy is an integral part of being human. Understanding ourselves is the path that leads to understanding others and living a life in alignment with our values. We are all deserving of healthy relationships and safe and secure spaces in our lives. The mission of The Emotional Literacy Movement is to assist in nurturing those relationships and spaces. 

With over two decades of experience in the field of education and nearly a decade of self-work and research, I am pleased to bring you an offering that dives deep into our emotional world with a focus on connection, practical skills, and scientific knowledge. This work has been life altering for me and the many people I have shared it with. I hope you will find the same value in getting to know yourself on a deeper level. Let's get started!


6 Weeks of Learning the Regulation Skills Required to Show Up and Be Your Best Self in All Your Relationships

Week One

 The Evolution of our Nervous System 

 Explore the evolution of our autonomic nervous system, learn to identify states and draw parallels to your own experiences. We dive into the impacts of chronic stress on our body, and explore the ways in which you are triggered by stress, and how your specific biology reacts to those stressors. 

Week Two
Finding our way Back to Safety

This week is all about regulation, building on what we learned from last week. Once we are able to observe and identify which state our nervous system is in, we can create a plan for how we will support ourselves back to safety, and move ourselves up the polyvagal ladder. 

Week Three
The Impacts of Trauma & The Power of

Trauma is not something that happened to you, but what happened inside of you.  This week we explore emotional cycles, what happens when we are unable to escape threat and our cycles remain incomplete? How can we foster trauma resiliency and support one another during traumatic events?

Week Four
Cognitive Distortions - Unravelling Thought Traps

Ever get caught in a loop of negative thinking? Identifying and unraveling cognitive distortions involves recognizing and challenging distorted thoughts to develop a more balanced and accurate perspective. 

Week Five
Understanding Our Needs & Boundaries 

Applying the knowledge we have gained to better understand our needs and boundaries can help us move in the direction of healthier relationships and a life lived in alignment with our values. 

Week Six
Nurturing Healthy
Communication Habits 

 Many of us avoid confrontation because it makes us feel unsafe. This week we learn how to set boundaries for yourself, respect the boundaries of others, and how to navigate communication in relationships, so you are keeping conversations safe.

Hear What Others Have to Say.

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    This was wonderful! You made the content very relatable. Honestly, this worshop was a reminder of tools I have and can continue to personally develop. Professionally, I can help create a safe environment and sharing this structure is really viable. Its very humanizing and can help those that don't currently have this knowledge.

    Youth Worker

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    Amazing! I can see myself using this knowledge with my own kids so they are able to recognize their emotions and how to regulate them using these techniques. I also feel it will be useful with my participants who struggle to express themselves.

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    This was so well done! I can translate this information easily to the youth that I support on a daily basis. To be able to help them to regulate in times of crisis is so valuable. Thank You!

    Youth Worker

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    I love Kris's energy! She's engaging and interactive, uses simple language that easy to comprehend.

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    You can tell a lot of work and effort went into this training. Great language used, very easy to pick-up.

    Youth Worker

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    This information was taught in an accesibile way and I'll put it to use not only at my workplace, but with my own children. Even helping myself to be more aware of my feelings and emotional state. Kris is a great teacher, her passsion makes the information engaging and accessible. Thank you!

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    I got a lot out the crash course, and it makes me want to dive deeper into it all. Thanks so much Kris!

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    Really appreciate the clarity of your explanation of this complex theory and how you have precipitated out the primary detail and making it "user friendly" so to speak. Thank you Kris.

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    Thank-you so much for all the information! It really pulled all of the aspects of the work I have been doing together!

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    My whole life, in and out of various therapy and self-help programs, I have lived inside my head, believing that's where emotions live and therefore where they should be managed. This introduction to polyvagal theory and neuroception blew my mind and engaged my mind-body connection in a way I have not experienced before. Like Kris said, it's a map, a picture of myself that I can't unsee now. I'm no longer as scared to feel something, because I can fully feel it and process it. Thank you!

  • Emotional Literacy Movement

    I have a daughter whom has specific learning difficulties and along with that some emotional regulation challenges. While we are very similar in many ways, the way we deal with challenging situations is very different. I wanted a better understanding of how to identify where my daughter is emotionally, why she is in this state and how to assist her to being in a healthier state. I also wanted to develop more awareness of my own emotional state as to be a more effective part of the solution and less of a factor in our dysregulation and have a better grasp of the language for communicating when moving through the various emotional states. This 6 week master class has given me many effective tools to make my observations and my role in our relationship much more effective.







Here at The Emotional Literacy Movement, we teach parents, educators, and youth how to regulate their nervous systems and connect with their emotions.