Emotional Literacy Education for a Wholehearted Community






We teach educators, parents, and community organizations how to work with their nervous system, cultivating resilience, empowering personal growth, and enhancing relationships.

Our programs promote personal empowerment, foster connection, deepen ones understanding of self and others, and equip you with the essential skills to thrive and communicate effectively.

Learn to navigate the intricacies of your emotional process. At the Emotional Literacy Movement, we believe that everyone deserves to celebrate their uniqueness, access knowledge about their own biology, and cultivate compassion for the human experience.

We're dedicated to making emotional literacy education accessible to all. Our mission is to provide the tools and resources needed to support and uplift those in your care and on your team.

















As an emotionally literate society we can

develop skill sets that help us....

Determine our needs and communicate them authentically

Confidently engage when conflict arises and hold compassion for others with different perspectives

Thrive in our relationships and build meaningful connections

Increase productivity without compromising wellbeing

Minimize the impacts of trauma & learn to work with our triggers

Increase academic performance and retention of information.






  We set the stage for learning to occur by working with our biology to balance the nervous system, build confidence, and prevent burnout.

Join the Movement!  

Embark on a transformative journey towards personal growth, enriched relationships, and a deeper understanding of your emotional world.

Programming for Educators

The Embodied Educator™

Learn how to weave emotional literacy practices into your curriculum and improve the overall mental health of your learners.

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The ELM Blog

love not hate

"Wow...you really hate yourself!"

“Wow, you really hate yourself…well…maybe you don’t hate yourself, but you sure talk to yourself like you do”.

And *bam* those were the words that my husband spoke to me that knocked me on my a**. 

I had worked so hard to cultivate emotional regulation skills, which meant listening to my body and caring for my needs as they arose. If I was burnt out, I’d let myself rest, set boundaries and communicate my needs. If I was worked up, I'd make sure I had time to exert some energy or find a trusted fri…

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Blog post

Learning to Navigate the Storms in Life

I don't do too much in the way of deeply personal shares online anymore, but given that I actively advocate for emotional expression and vulnerability, it seems like the appropriate thing to do. It does get a whole lot scarier the more I put myself out there as a professional though. How strange that I should still equate professionalism with lack of emotion....especially considering that I run a business focused on emotions. Even “professionals” doubt themselves at times and have human feelings…

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Emotional Waves

Have you ever seen that diagram of what to do in the case of being in the ocean when a big wave hits? You’re supposed to dive deep in order to keep yourself from getting tossed around by the wave, filling your lungs with water and leaving you disoriented and unable to find your way back to the surface. I feel this way about big emotional waves.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time over the past several years learning to navigate the waves of emotions that used to take me under and leave me …

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