Do you ever feel like your emotions are all over the place and you don't know how to handle them?

Are your friendships a bit confusing and you wish you could feel more connected and respected?



Do you sometimes criticize

yourself in your head?

Well, get ready to join Kris Garner from The Emotional Literacy Movement for an awesome 6-week program designed specifically for girls and individuals who identify as female.


Kris woodpile
Together we will learn how to feel strong and confident in ourselves, nurture self-compassion, and develop great communication skills so we can enjoy happier, healthier friendships,
Enjoy connecting with others through games, sharing stories, and communication practices. Get ready for some fun and "wow, I never thought of that!" moments.
Come join us and unlock your hidden superpowers!

 The Details 

Who's it for? Girls (and Female Identifying), Ages 13-16 
When: Next Session Scheduled for Fall 2023
Time: TBA
Where: East Selkirk Middle School (Library), 
East Selkirk, Manitoba

Here's All the Things We Will Cover Together!

  • Understand how your emotions work and how you can better work with them 
  • Create plans to help you regulate your emotions when big feelings come up
  • Learn how to communicate better during tough conversations
  • Increase your body awareness and understanding of how it reacts to different situations

  • Identify what makes you feel safe or threatened and how to deal with those feelings
  • Recognize your needs and boundaries and learn how to express them effectively
  • Feel safe and connected when you're with your friends
  • Figure out what you value most and what you want from your friendships
  • Learn to be kinder to yourself and practice self-compassion