Wholehearted Leaders Program

Aims to help children and youth develop the skill sets to become the self-empowered, compassionate leaders of the future.

Our programming integrates hands-on project-based learning with emotional literacy content to assist students in uncovering their natural talents while developing self-awareness, problem solving skills, and trauma-resiliency. 

Community project-based learning enhances engagement and provides endless opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and self-management tools. It encourages a sense of belonging and purpose within one’s community, assisting in creating a safe and strong foundation from which students can feel safer taking risks, employing divergent thinking,

and reaching their full potential.

We believe

well-rounded education, provides children and youth with the opportunities to explore and develop their entrepreneurial spirit.



are the inventors and innovators of the future, stimulating the economy, and solving complex problems.

Wholehearted LEADERS sets the foundation for entrepreneurial spirit to emerge, and confidence to develop by teaching students the value of goal setting, project planning and execution, data collection, marketing, sales, team building, conflict resolution, and empathy. 

The cultivation of these skills will serve to nurture resilient, adaptable, and self-empowered individuals who are able to affect positive change in the world.





2022/2023 Programming at Hawthorne Valley Farm!

Located just 25 minutes north of Winnipeg in East Selkirk, MB. Hawthorne Valley Farm sits on 10 acres of land currently being developed by community using permaculture principles. 

What makes great

Wholehearted L.E.A.D.E.R.S?

Land Stewardship

Developing a relationship to the land and taking measures to care for our environment helps to nurture responsible citizens who consider their impact on all living creatures and habitats. Our programming employs Forest School and permaculture practices, providing students with endless opportunities to learn from their natural environment. 

Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy is the stepping stone to Emotional Intelligence. By becoming familiar with our emotional anatomy and the ways we close down and open up, we are better able to make decisions in alignment with our desires, resolve conflict, process emotions and traumatic experiences, and articulate our needs and boundaries.

Artistic Expression

 Engaging in the arts can have beneficial impacts on our emotions and overall health.  Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Theatre can be used to assist individuals in processing and expressing difficult emotions. A leader who values and engages in the arts helps to promote wellbeing within their community.

Developing Communication Skills

High level communicators are aware of the subtleties of their facial expression, posture, and body language, and the impact of these non-verbal methods of communicating with others. We teach students how to own their experience while being curious about the experience of others, to notice when they (or others) are closed down, and to set safe containers for challenging conversations that support emotional connection and resolution.

Embodiment Practices

Being embodied means being in tune with ourselves on the deepest level. By cultivating body awareness we are better able to self-regulate, developing an acute awareness of the needs of our body at any given moment, and minimizing the risk of adverse physical and mental health conditions and emotional dysregulation.


Whether we are speaking of our relationship to the Earth, relationship to self, relationships to others, or relationships between any other living organisms, we can confidently say that healthy relationships are fundamental to our wellbeing and development. We aim to assist students in recognizing this interconnectedness both within and outside of themselves and nurture the development of healthy relationships.


Working with sustainability in mind helps us to be accountable for our actions. In order to have healthy, vibrant communities, we need to create resilient, sustainable systems that pave the way for the work of future generations.

What families & educators are saying about our programming

The Emotional Literacy Movement operates throughout Manitoba and is located on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene and Métis people. Our headquarters are located on Treaty 1 territory, the homeland of the Métis Nation.

We dedicate ourselves to move forward with indigenous communities in a spirit of reconciliation and collaboration to make Manitoba an inclusive and accessible place for everyone who lives here. Land acknowledgment is only one small part of supporting Indigenous communities.