Summer Camp 2023 Registration Form

Please fill out this application form for EACH child you are registering.



Full name of child

Also, please let us know if they prefer to be referred to by a specific name, or shortened version of their name


Gender of child

Gender and pronouns please.


Date of birth


Parent/Guardian #1 Information

Please provide name, and phone number of the parent/guardian.


Parent/Guardian #2 Information

Please provide name, and phone number of the parent/guardian.


Emergency Contact Information

Please provide name,  phone number, and relationship to the learner(s) of 1 or more emergency contacts.


Has your child had experience in a Forest/Nature program setting before?


If you clicked No, what draws your family to this camp and how did you hear about us?


What are your child’s strengths?

Physical, social, emotional, cognitive.

The more info the better!


What are your child's challenges?

Physical, social, emotional, cognitive. 

The more info the better.


Does your child have any special needs or disabilities? If so, please explain.

Currently, our program does not have extra supports or funding, should a child require 1-to-1 support. If you are able to provide that for you child we would be happy to have them and their support adult attend camp! 


Does your child have any medical conditions? If yes, please describe.


Does your child have any allergies or sensitivities? If yes, please explain as we hope to do some fireside cooking for all to enjoy.


How do you feel about your child(ren) engaging in risky play?


Payment Information

Tuition for the 2023 Forest Creatures Summer Camp is $275 +GST for the week.

There is also an option for before/after care up to an hour (starting at 8:30am, ending at 4:30pm) for an additional $10/day.

You will have the option to pay in full or with a payment plan. The dates for payments are as followed:

  • 1 payment  of $275 due by August 1, 2023 (or on decided upon date)
  • 2 payments of $137.50 due July 1 and August 1 (or on decided upon dates)
  • 3 payments of $91.67 due June 1, July 1, August 1 (or on decided upon dates)


Will you be requiring before/after care for your child(ren)? (Please keep in mind it is an additional $10/day per child)


If you require before/after care only on certain days please describe below


How will you be paying?


Thank you for registering for our 2023 Creatures of the Forest Summer Camp! You will receive an invoice within 7 days for your preferred payment option along with directions to the farm. Closer to the camp date we will send out a list of what to bring and more information on what the kids can expect from the week. Thank you for registering and see you in August!

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